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The Man on the Moon

A day or two before seeing this film for the first time, a friend and I were having a conversation about shooting a short entirely in Pixelvision, and I was of the opinion that it wouldn't work (not technically, but as a successful film, I mean) since the poor video quality'd be too distracting, and you most likely couldn't come up for a believable excuse to use Pixelvision (sorry, Trickery For The Sake Of Going Hey Look! bugs me. I'm cool with the trickery itself, I just want it to be justifiable in the project, y'know?).

I was wrong.

This is done in Pixelvision, the image quality is NOT distracting AND the story/setting/etc. JUSTIFIES the use of Pixelvision. MAN. The film itself is pretty good, although it does tend to meander a little bit (I get the impression that there were some improvised bits; I thought the bit with the Visitor seemed a little out of place with the rest of the concept of the film), but it's still definately worth seeing, and my hat is all off to Cory McAbee for proving me very, very wrong.

This film also has the late Rev. Buck Naked in it, at the end, when he sings a song with Cory McAbee. (This film is also the source for the popular song by The Billy Nayer Show "Must Be Santa", which was released on a 45 later.)