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I have seen this film so many times I have lost count. It's up there with Dr. Strangelove in that respect. But I think I've seen UHF more. (But just slightly, probably.) Weird Al Yankovic runs a tiny UHF TV station which ends up being the top rated TV station in the area, even beating out the major networks. One such network doesn't take it so well and tries to buy out U62 and demolish it. But, of course, the day is saved and everything is happy.

Yeah, the story's not so hot, but who watches it for the story? The TV satires and parodies are where it's at! From Emo Philips cutting off his thumb ("Call me Mister Butterfingers!") to "Raul's Wild Kingdom" and alla that stuff. It's hilarious and awesome and, well, who wouldn't watch U62 all the time? I know I would. Stanley Spidowski's Fun House would rule. An amusing bit of Trivia – they originally wanted Crispin Glover in the role of Philo, but he said that while he wanted to be in the movie, he insisted on playing the role of the seal-clubbing used-car salesman; unfortunately, Al didn't think he was right for the role, and declined. (As far as I know, though, they're still friends.)