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Know Your Enemy

Most of the material found at these Web sites is tailor-made for Their propaganda wars, and the links are carefully controlled…after all, They don't want you accidentally stumbling across a site containing writings and files that make actually WAKE YOU UP and start realizing that you don't HAVE to submit to Their control!

But why have these links at all, when I can be accused of giving publicity and attention to the groups in question? I subscribe to the school of anti-censorship, of which the argument is follows: Expose it and laugh at it. Items like the Turner Diaries are inevitably so poorly written, it is astounding that anyone with one-sixteenth of a brain could possibly read any of it at all without putting it down in disbelief…simply because it's so ridiculously awful. On the other hand, if you censor it, cover it up, and keep people from reading it, then it acquires value because of the forbidden-fruit effect. "This book is so dangerous, THEY don't want you to read it!"

This is why, on my own Web site, I have a link to a particularly infamous and hateful piece of racist garbage, and I encourage people to download it and spread it around. That way they can see for themselves that it's a barely-legible and incomprehensible pile of trash. It's so bad, it doesn't deserve to be censored.

Anti-Hate Groups

Before going on, I should point out some useful resources that you can contact for more information - and help, if you need it. Several non-profit organizations exist to give help and aid to people who have been targeted by hate groups, religious cults, and other slime. For starters, you can take a look at:

American Family Foundation

Since the demise of the Cult Awareness Network, the American Family Foundation has become the prominent secular counter-cult organization in the United States.

An Introduction to Scientology

This page was created for people who've heard about Scientology and want to learn the truth about the organization. Scientology refuses to admit that any criticism of its organization exists, and all of the "official" material promoting it is slickly written propaganda. For a look at the information Scientology doesn't want you to learn, check out this link.

The Anti-Nazi Web Ring

A whole bunch of people have gotten together to "oppose" the influence of neo-Nazism and white supremacists on the Internet. That's all well and good, except that for a lot of people, "opposing" neo-Nazis means to wipe them out and censor them.

Combatting Cult Mind Control: Steve Hassan's Home Page

Steve Hassan is a former member of the [Unification Church] who works as a counselor for former and current members of religious cults. I've met him personally, and I've seen him as a passionate and considerate man – certainly not the violent "deprogrammer" that the cults try to make him out to be.

The ex-cult Archive

A starting point for research into various religious cults, managed by former members of these groups who want to present their side of the story.

Ex-Scientology Kids

A gathering place for former members of Scientology – and family and friends who have experienced "disconnected" – to gather safely and share their stories and experiences with the organization.

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

These guys work to counter anti-gay phobias and hatred, especially in the media. They've still got their work cut out for them.

Reproductive Rights and Health Center

A useful source of information for pro-choice activists and people looking for factual material about abortion (instead of pro-life propaganda).

Southern Poverty Law Center

Probably the biggest and most famous hunter of hate groups in existence.

Swarm the Minutemen

A new counter Conspiracy to thwart the efforts of racists in California

Triumphing Over London Cults

A British organization that opposes the workings of the Boston Church of Christ.

People We Love To Hate

I saved the best for last…or the worst, as the case may be. These links will take you to sites featuring the scum of the earth: those who promote hatred, shame, and fear while still trying to pass themselves off as "human beings." On one hand, I feel pity for these folks because they've been twisted to the point where they honestly believe what they're doing is right! But on the other hand, that doesn't excuse the lives that have been ruined in the course of the endless crusade these groups are waging against the rest of the world. Bastards like these are a prime example of why the race of homo sapiens is actually the inferior race.

Be certain to take the writings of the groups listed here with a large grain of salt…not to mention a certain amount of trepidation. These people spend a great deal of time, energy, and money in attempts to twist the truth and make it seem as if they are the victims of "conspiracies" that are out to "persecute" them. Naturally, they refuse to admit that any alternatives to their philosophies exist, and Hell would freeze over before they dare include links to Web pages that criticize them and point out their lies and deceptions. However, you should remember that some of these organizations have a lot of money and manpower at their command. Getting these people angry at you could literally put your life at risk. Be warned.

Hate for God (pick your own deity)

Boston Church of Christ

Now officially known as the "International Churches of Christ," this is one of the most famous of the Bible cults. Especially known for recruiting unsuspecting college students.

Christian Coalition

Pat Robertson, that angelic figure who constantly rails against "evils" in the court system whenever a Bible-based initiative is defeated, and his minions dedicated to the proposition that all Christians are created better than everyone else.

The Creator's Rights Party

Neil Horsley, the infamous anti-abortion nut who maintains (and continues to maintain) the hit list of pro-choice activists called "The Nuremburg Files."

Dove World Outreach Center

"Islam is of the Devil." These guys' crusade against the evils of Islam include such loving and tolerant actions as burning Qu'rans.


The terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel – but also to aiding the poor in Palestine.

Lord's Resistance Army

There's been a lot of press about Muslim terrorist organizations – but here's a genuine Christian terrorist army.

Currrently Inoperative: The Net Scum Page

An enemies list lovingly compiled by all of your favorite net.kooks, including John Grubor and Steve Boursy.

Operation Rescue

You've heard of these scumbags, but you have no idea how sleazy they are until you read their own writings!

PreRapture Ministries

The home of Reverend Steve Winter, the famous net.kook and his eternal crusade against "lying dirt false Christian scum!"


If there's one cult that's gone out of the way to earn a reputation for itself as the Evil Empire of the Internet, it's Scientology. I've had more personal experience with Scientology than I can stomach, and it's true: the organization really is worse than you think.

Unification Church Home Page

Reverend Sun Myung Moon's organization – the man who proclaimed himself the Messiah, and who states that all the other religious figures "in Heaven" have proclaimed his leadership.

The Westboro Baptist Church Home Page

Probably the most famous hate site on the Internet – the Phelps clan and their "God Hates fags" crusade.

Watchmen on the Walls

Preaching to keep those Godless homosexuals out of site and off of the streets.

Stupid Racists and Other Ignoramuses

The Birdman

John Bryant, the self-proclaimed "World's Most Controversial Author," and his long anti-Jewish screeds.

Black Israelites

The so-called "chosen people" of the 12 Tribes of Israel…but they're not Jewish. They hate Jews as much as your typical redneck racist does.

Christian Identity Online and National Alliance

Mix together one part recist, one part "Christian," and five parts stupidity, and what do you get? The National Alliance!

Creativity Movement (formerly the World Church of the Creator)

Here's the white supremacist version of those cutesy Internet-based "religions" that have sprung up everywhere. Start your own Web site in the name of "racial holy war!"


Are you gay? Are you ashamed of it and want to be "cured" of it? These folks want to speak with you - after they tell you that you're a sinner and you're going to hell!

Hal Turner

What do you get when an idiot racist shortwave podcaster figures out how to use the Internet? Why, he gets all of the nerds in the world ticked off at him, of course…

Executive Intelligence Review

The political cult of Lyndon LaRouche! Obviously he wasn't sent to prison for defrauding people out of millions…he was sent to prison because the government conspired to send him there.

Tom Metzger

The founder of White Aryan Resistance, whose initials are the closest thing to "subtle" you're going to get when it comes to the war against those awful black people and immigrants.

Nation of Islam

White boys aren't the only narrow-minded racist idiots around – there are black supremacists, too.

National Vanguard Boston

The South isn't the only place to find idiot racist morons.

North East White Pride

Your friendly Web-based racist bigoted online community in New England.

The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party

Homophobic bigoted idiots trying to equate "homosexuality" with "Nazis." Godwin's law applies here.

Stormfront White Nationalist Resource Page

Oh boy! Time to look at some degenerate idiot redneck white "Christian" Nazis! All the stereotypes apply here, folks - and they're all true.

Vanguard News Network

News by inbred racist white trash, for inbred racist white trash.