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Useful Net Utilities


For downloading the HoS shows from Minitru

A useful service for people to share their most popular Web links with one another.


The MP3 of Video


A search engine for the RSS feed. Find instant updates to many blogs and wikis.

Free Web Hosting

A listing of various sites that will host your Web page and/or your large files for free…though most of them have restrictions and are inundated with ads.

Gnutella (and Gnofrog host finder)

Instant messenger utilities

Cheats and sneak-arounds for your instant messenger


Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

Skype: is probably the best(?) free net phone system at the moment.


Tap into the biggest news feed on the planet!

Linux Slackware

The only Linux operating system approved by J.R. "Bob" Dobbs!


The planet's biggest open source software site.

Usenet Newsgroups

The vast, untamed chaos of the newsgroups…even today, one of the last bastions of true freedom left on the Internet.

You Send It

A service that allows you to email huge files to other Net users, up to a gigabyte in size.

Grease Monkey

Finally – a killfile for Google Groups.

Can't get a feed from alt.binaries.slack? Try the Usenet replayer. It is a bit slow, but you can use it from Internet cafes…

The Origins of Usenet

The original control messages used to create many of the thousands of newsgroups on Usenet are stored in the UUnet archives. You can browse them here, and you can see the original creation of your favorite Usenet newsgroups. To look at the creation of alt.slack, for instance, just go to the alt. section. However, the messages stored here are compressed in GZIP format to save space; you'll have to unzip them to read them properly.

Wiki Wackiness


A Christian wiki founded to counter Wikipedia's terrible anti-Christian bias.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

A wiki where you can write about your worst enemy (or your best friend).


The Uncyclopedia


A wiki that keeps track of Wiki Web sites – useful in this time when wiki sites are popping up by the dozen.


The Free Encyclopedia. This one doesn't even need an explanation anymore.

Not-So-Useful Net Utilities

The Net is home to an amazing number of informative and interesting sites, but it's also home to a vast amount of online garbage and sludge. Here's a look at some sites that represent the antithesis of the sites listed above.

Google Watch

As much dirt and gossip on Google as one kook can find.

Wikipedia Sucks

Outrageous claims by fringe folks against Wikipedia.