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PGP is the best software available for private, encrypted user-to-user communication over the Net, but its security becomes vulnerable when you are working on your own PC with data that you consider to be sensitive. When your data is encrypted, you can't do anything with it; you'll have to decrypt it in order to work on it, and it's then that you are vulnerable. The cypherpunks developed a solution to this problem with ScramDisk: an encrypted disk partitioning program that allows you to protect entire sections of your hard drive with encryption. The only way to access those areas of your drive is with a password, and this provides an additional layer of security for those of you who feel that you are at risk.

The original ScramDisk was freeware; however, it was discontinued and replaced with a commercial software program called DriveCrypt. The original ScramDisk is still available for download, but it is not compatible with modern operating systems such as Windows XP.

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