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Death By 1000 Paper Cuts

This may be the closest thing we've seen to a genuinely amusing and entertaining "right wing" weird-news blog. They're entertaining because they don't wear their politics on their sleeves, and they approach their subjects with a snarky attitude and the idea that people are inherently stupid…in much the same way that we do here. They describe themselves as follows:

"Death By 1000 Papercuts (DBKP) provides weird news, politics, scandals, celebrities and video reports--every day.

"Home of Infidel Warrior Babes comics, Pixelaneous photo essays and Today in Weird History.

"DBKP started out at and still operates its original site there. The March 2008 move to a dot com site made it easier to offer more weird and bizarre services and features.

"Also does exclusive interviews with semi-celebrities, political candidates, web personalities and authors. Reviews the occasional book, video, CD or cigar.

"DBKP - The Worldwide Leader in Weird"