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Luke Ford

Luke Ford is the Matt Drudge of the porn world: he covers all the gossip and rumors abounding in that field. He's often in a rush to print rumors on his online column as soon as he hears them, and some of his information has been proven inaccurate from time to time as a result. But when Luke Ford breaks the news that another porn actor or actress actually has HIV, then the industry sits up, takes notice, and gets really ticked off. He's known for his snarky attitude, as he treats his subjects with equal amounts of interest and disgust. Because of this, a lot of porn industry insiders hate him, and they often keep their mouths shut tight if they know he's snooping around in the area. This hasn't kept him from making inroads into the seamy world of the adult entertainment industry; in fact, the domain name doesn't even belong to him – it was snatched up by a rival gossip porn columnist, thus proving that he's built a considerable reputation for himself.

In fact, Luke Ford himself has been out of the business for at least a couple of years; but the Web site is carrying on in his rather tainted footsteps. According to Adult Video News, Ford sold his original website,, to industry insider Scott Fayner for an undisclosed sum in order to pay legal fees after being hit with a lawsuit from porn actress Christi Lake. He then started a second site,, which he sold in 2008 to porn journalist Cindi Loftus.