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Not Our Kids

The basic premise of this group is to feed on parental guilt: "Oh, of course my child would never choose to become a dreaded homosexual. It's all because those evil child molesters are recruiting our poor innocent children!" That's why the front page of this group's site spells out, in big bold letters: Protecting America's Youth And Educating Parents About The Dangers of Homosexual Activisim (sic) And Indoctrination In America's Public Schools. Note that's "Activisim and Indoctrination." As we all know, gay-rights activism is a secret tool to recruit your children and change them into evil homosexuals!

"Not Our Kids" is actually a group in name only. It exists to allow various "Christian, pro-family," anti-homosexual groups to issue press releases and other fun, hateful messages to the media under the guise of (what else?) Protecting The Children from Those Godless Homosexuals.