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Prelinger Archives

One of the great achievements of the Internet! The Prelinger Archives are dedicated to preserving the ephemeral films of the 1940s through the 1970s: advertising films, so-called "educational" films, industrial films, police training, "social guidance," home movies…and many of these films are pure 100% propaganda! These are the awful "educational" films us old-timers saw in school (and which are delightfully torn to shreds on Mystery Science Theater 3000), and a whole bunch of films made to brainwash the target audience. Political commercials, crazy "atomic safety" films (including ones for schoolkids!), cigarette commercials…and best of all, the ridiculously awful "moralizing" films that warn us of the evils of pornography, teen rebellion, and – gasp – DRUGS! Those of us who worship truly awful cult films just go absolutely nuts downloading bad movies from this place.

Here are some absolute must-have movies to download from Prelinger. A sign that society still has some Slack left is the fact that at least three of these are among the TOP TEN downloads!

Also of note is Skip Elsheimer's AV Geeks site, which sells themed compilations on DVD and VHS, as well as the excellent Educational Archives DVDs put out by Fantoma (the set of the first four comes in a beautiful, real-live Lunchbox and Thermos!).