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Press Releases

If you're trying to get the word out about your Web site, your business, your services, or just a piece of news that you think is noteworthy, then you'd better be able to pay for it. The major news services, including Reuters, PR Newswire, Associated Press, and others all require a subscription or a hefty fee in order to publish your press releases. That's actually not so bad, because it prevents those services from being flooded by spammers, scammers, frauds, and rip-off artists.

However, if you're running your Web site on a low budget and you want to announce it to the media, there are several "free" news sites out there that will still accept your press releases. These sites will accept just about everything, so be prepared to see your announcement next to offers for "herbal Viagra."

These sites are accessible by Google News, but not by Yahoo News:

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