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Lamprey Systems

BE WARNED!!! The software being distributed from this sick, disgusting Web site is offensive and disgusting. That, of course, is what makes this site a must-see for all SubGenii. Robert Carr has written a series of games for the Macintosh that is certain to offend everyone. With titles like Operation Rescue, Straight To Hell, and Rupture the Rapture, you can see that the games made by Lamprey Systems will certainly piss off any normals. In fact, there have been messages posted to alt.binaries.slack from wimpy Christians telling people not to look at Lamprey Systems. It's working!

Even more important: Lamprey Systems has evolved into a truly dynamic techno music haven! They've put together a huge collection of roaring electronica that will stand tall with the hippest, coolest techno artists out there! I was priveleged enough to be blessed with a copy of their CD Electro Slack Treatment, which remained the most often-played CD of my collection for the better part of a year. (The track "Frop Pipe Dreams" absolutely must be heard to be believed!) If you're seeking an electronic music experience UNLIKE ANY OTHER, then Lamprey Systems is the place to go!

Also, the new DVD collection Keep It Surreal is similarly excellent; really cool video editing coupled with the aforementioned outstanding techno equals One Awesome Release. So, be sure to check that out, too!

Also, also, a new interview just done got posted!