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Chris Irwin

This Page should be dedicated to all the Chris Irwin’s of the World. Though clearly not a Sub Genius they border Genius and Insanity. Their Illness prevents them from achieving lofty goals and their Insight or Intellect allows them to come up with creative and out of the box ideas that are ultimately used by those opportunistic enough to see that the Chris Irwin's cant defend them selves. To see some of Chris Irwins artwork try Modemac was gracious enough to allow this picture to be posted
as a small sample of my work.

Chris has begun his own podcasting show, Off Center, in October 2005. You can check it: out at You may also find my Journal page at Please pay me a visit and for you creative writers submit
your stories to any short works of fiction except X rated as I would have to leave my free feeds and pay for a host,suggestions are horror, science fiction, and fantasy, thanks and keep writing. To subscribe to this Podcast use your favorite agragator I use the free iPodder from the rss feed is

You can leave a message at Chris' audio comment line: 206-338-4287

Chris Irwin