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Parents' Rights Coalition
P.O. Box 175
Newton, MA 02466

This Massachusetts-based group is fighting "to raise their own children by their own values." And based on the amount of ranting here about "the homosexual agenda," their own values must consist primarily of "protecting the children from the evil gay people." They've been pushing to get a bill through the Massachusetts legislature that would require all schools in the state to get written parental consent before they can teach any sex ed classes to kids. Can't have those evil homosexuals sneaking their "agenda" into the classroom, you know! And ever since Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage (for the time being, anyway), they've been vocally supportive of the movement to block same-sex marriages in Massachusetts.

(Just what does a group of "concerned parents" have to do with gay marriages, anyhow? Do they assume that any same-sex couple who weds and adopts a kid will automatically start molesting said kid?)