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Sermonizing and Rants

2001 and Beyond the Infinite

An essay on the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Reviews from the Internet Movie Database

My family hates the way I criticize every movie I watch. Here's a chance for you to hate me, as well: these are some of the movie reviews I've written and posted to the newsgroup over the past few years.

So you'd like to...see classic SF movies made before Star Wars (Pt 1)
So you'd like to...see classic SF movies made before Star Wars (Pt 2)

A two-part essay I wrote for, as a response to the many people out there who seem to think that all good science fiction movies were made after 1977. You'd be surprised how many folks say that with a straight face…and then remark how much they loved Frankenstein, The War of the Worlds, or even Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!

Cast Iron Movie Reviews

Many Web sites out there include listings of various movie reviews, imitating the style of Roger Ebert or Leonard Maltin, or occasionally that of Pauline Kael. I could never hope to compete with such dedicated online movie critics as James Berardinelli or Steve Rhodes (and his son); so, I offer you a selection of movies that I have found particularly impressive over the years. You've probably heard of most of these films – but if you haven't, or if you've heard of them but never seen them, you owe it to yourself to seek them out and give them a try. You won't regret it.

See also:

5 Minutes to Live

A largish bootleg house of lots of films.

B Movies

An archive of classic (and no-so-classic) B movies.

CAPalert: Christian Analysis of American Culture (Christian Movie Reviews)

God hates sex in the movies! These guys say so, therefore it's true!

Cultra Rare Videos

Free, legal downloads of many grade-Z horror movies.

Found Footage Festival

A film festival of weird and bizarre VHS tapes.

The Letterbox and Widescreen Advocacy Page

A convincing argument in favor of the use of widescreen (or "letterboxing" ) in video.

Paul Vancleve Productions

Independent filmmaker and animator responsible for two independent feature films and a bunch of animated CGI videos found on the Web.

Refused Classification

List of films, TV shows, books and games banned by Australian censors.


Often considered the best video store in the world – it's even got a "psychotronic" room!

Shocking Videos

Badfilm GODS and video supplier extraordinaire! Blockbuster Video employees will either run screaming from here, or quit their own jobs.

Something Weird Video

Supplier of many of the strangest movies of all time!