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James Randi


The world of "psychic powers" and "ESP" is a mysterious one, fraught with unexplained mysteries and scant evidence…but what scares the palm readers and psychic detectives the most? James Randi. He is a professional magician who has spent his life exposing the truth about the fraud known as "psychic abilities" and the people who claim to use them. Randi's investigations have blown the cover off of every famous so-called "psychic" shyster, and he has given us a lot of great entertainment in return (as well as receiving numerous honors from learned colleagues in the field of science). James Randi's most famous claim is the $1 million reward offered to anyone who can provide an example of "psychic abilities" that he genuinely cannot debunk. No one has been able to claim his prize yet. During the 1970s, Randi's legal battles with famous psychic Uri Geller received worldwide media attention. Randi claimed Geller was a fraud, and Geller sued him. And the battle hasn't ended yet.