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Satanic Vaccines

Who wants to bet money that the founder of this site suffered an allergic reaction to a vaccination when he (or she) was a kid? Whether or not it happened, he was really traumatized by his experience, because he founded a huge Web site intended on warning the world that vaccines are evil. All vaccines, without exception – flu shots, tetanus, booster shots, you name it. As you can see by the gross-out pictures populating the front page, this site is meant to shock you and scare you, so that it can"expose vaccination for what it is so the people will realize that all vaccines are simply satanic." Yes, that's "satanic" (with a small S)…because not only are vaccines evil and murderous, they are the tools of Satan himself! In addition to the scare stories about vaccines, there's a lot of preaching here about turning to Christ.

Indeed, this site is intended for Christians above and before anyone else: "o before another innocent child is injured or killed, and in case you decide to stop reading, I'll just get straight to the point: NO CHRISTIAN HAS ANY RIGHT TO VACCINATE THEMSELVES OR THEIR INNOCENT CHILDREN!" (In capitals and underlined.) Not only that, but vaccines aren't just the tools of Satan – they're instruments of sorcery and witchcraft, too.

You can pick and choose from dozens and dozens of links on the front page (a front page that, like many kook sites, goes on and on and on without end, rather than breaking up into sections), depending on which scare stories you'd like to read. The first section mixes apparently random links to paranoid conspiracies involving vaccines ("Man-Made Plagues," "1918 Spanish Flu Caused By Vaccines," "The Population Control Agenda") with Christian messages ("An Admonition on the True Knowledge of God"), then from there it gives a big, prominent link to an HIV-AIDS denial page with an article published in 2002, claiming: "I am offering £10,000 Reward for the first person who can prove that 'HIV' exists." From there we go on to gruesome aborted-baby pictures and lots of ranting about the evils of abortion, before returning once again to the subject of vaccine; though this time we're treated to lots of links to videos and MP3 audio files warning us against vaccination.

I just feel sorry for what's going to happen to this guy's kids (assuming he ever has any) when they get sick.