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The Dr. Demento Show

YES! Who here doesn't remember the great demented radio god who introduced the world to Saint Weird Al Yankovic? Who here doesn't know the classic amateur songs like "Shaving Cream," "Making Love In A Subaru," "Existential Blues," and many novelty classics by Spike Jones ("Cocktails for Two"), Tom Lehrer ("Masochism Tango"), and Fred Blassie ("Pencil Neck Geek")? This fan-based and run Web site makes a vast number of the classic radio episodes available for download, so that YOU can bring back the great days of the Dr. Demento Show! (He played a few SubGenius Doktor bands on his show from time to time!) However, be aware that the guy running the site does not want people doing massive downloads of hundreds and hundreds of shows at a time; that would eat up his bandwidth and he'd have to take the site down. He has strictly enforced the membership rules of his site to avoid weenies and scammers, so you should be sure to take your time when downloading from here. Find the shows you absolutely must have, and get them first. Then work your way through it, a bit at a time, instead of trying to cram everything onto your hard drive at once.

This site also has a great search engine, so if you are looking for one particular song you can type in the name and find it in a few moments!