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Mr. Show

The fourth is probably the best season of Mr. Show and unfortunately its last. If you've never seen Mr. Show, this is probably where to start. (Season three is another good starting place.) This includes the first episodes I've seen, and classic sketches like "The Story Of The Story Of Everest" and "Monk Academy" (a/k/a "that really hilarious one where it's like a parody of those bad 1980s camp films right like Meatballs or something only instead of like the loser camp and the rich kids camp it's like these like Tibetan monks lead by Bob Odenkirk as the Dalai Lama versus the fat kids, and the fat kids are the rich camp, and they go through these like races and stuff and then it ends up where they're like tied and then the last one is a rap off and the fat kids have a ringer who's all a good rapper and then Bob goes up there and starts going like 'rap a rap a rappity rap a rap' and he wins and Brian Doyle Murray's the referee and then this dude who looks like Ferris Bueller or something shows up with a chick and a monkey and it ends! It's AWESOME!").