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The Daily Show

Pretty much the best thing on US TV when it comes to journalism. It's engaging and actually critical of events and news media. When it started, Craig Kilborn was the host, and the show wasn't nearly as good – Kilborn is one of the unfunniest humans alive, and doesn't realize that "Know-nothing Prettyboy Idiot" and "Know-everything Egotistical Ass Who Actually IS Better Than Everyone" don't combine for a workable persona. The show also had a different tack – most of the packages were "Lookit the kooks!" and less an actual satire of the news media. Luckily, he left to do his own late-night talk show (which ended up getting canned after five years or so – happily, because he was awful at it), and Jon Stewart took over, making the show much better. It became much more of a news commentary show, and also ended up being Actually Funny. It's also under Stewart's reign that The Daily Show started winning Peabody Awards.