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Way of the Master

The other day I was channel surfing when I happened across the funniest show on television. Of course I speak of The Way of The Master on the Trinity Broadcast Network. The first time I ever saw the show I was sprawled out on my couch on a Saturday afternoon, watching T.V. as I nursed a pretty decent hangover. I wasn’t paying much attention to the channel I was watching, but I was totally getting into this engaging and witty satire about religion. Then I noticed the little TBN emblem in the corner of the screen and I realized that these crazy fuckers weren’t kidding – they really believed everything they were saying. It really makes the show much funnier to watch.

For those who don’t know, Way of The Master is a half hour show starring former child star Kirk Cameron and Christian apologist Ray Comfort (who is funny all by himself because he talks just like the crocodile hunter). They bombard people with inane analogies, anecdotes and rhetorical questions in order to sway them towards evangelical Christianity.

Some of my favorite moments from the show include:

And the all time best moment is when at the end of most episodes Kirk Cameron informs the viewers that the best way to turn a person on to Christ is to circumnavigate the intellect and appeal directly to the emotions. Wow, Charlie Manson couldn’t have said it better!

Review by Rev. HutchaHutcha

(See also: The Evidence Bible. This is a massive 1,700-page Bible published by Way of the Master Ministries, with lots and lots additional material.)