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God-damnit! Why do so many of the hatemongers and flaming IDIOTS in this world insist on picking on gay/les folks and the "gay lifestyle?" I guess that since you can't actually see a person's sexual orientation at a glance, that makes those fools afraid that "they" are looking over their shoulders. "That guy looking at me funny at the bar…could he be a homosexual?!?" All I can say is, WHO CARES? I don't give a damn what someone else does in bed, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Unfortunately, they just can't accept the idea of people actually enjoying sex – even sex with your own gender, for some folks – so they've spent the past several thousand years insisting that if you feel guilty because you're gay, then it's YOUR FAULT AND YOU DESERVE IT! But don't worry, folks…now They have a way to "cure" you of the insidious programming inserted into you by all those evil homosexuals – it's the EX-GAY movement! Yes, these are the folks who insist that who want to "cure" you of all those awful homosexual urges, either through religion ( "you are a sinner!" ) or through so-called "scientific" methods.

Of course, nothing is ever true black and white. It's likely that there are a small number of folks out there who can indeed "change" from gay to straight, and even enjoy their new lives. (Maybe they're actually bi but don't know it?) But that certainly isn't helpful for the people out there who are gay and will always be gay. Oh yeah, I know they're happy that they "chose" a lifestyle that causes them to be hated, hunted, and hounded by religious bigots around the world.

National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

Because being gay is "a choice" and you're not born with it ( ") ), these folks are here to "cure" you of this dreaded disease.

First Stone Ministries

On the other hand, you're also gay because you haven't found Jesus Christ! All you need to do is "repent" and you'll be saved! Or so these folks say…

PFOX: Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays

Yeah, right - some "friends" these are. By making you feel guilty enough to deny your true feelings, you'll "change" your lifestyle to make them happy.

The "ex-gay" movement does have its critics, however – and not just in gay society, for instance. Take me, for instance: I'm straight and happily married, yet I have good friends who are gay and bi. That's completely their business, and I'm happy with it. Yet, because I've said some nice things about my friends, some pink idiots automatically assume I'm gay. Call me "straight but not narrow."

A lot of critical information about the so-called "ex-gay movement" can be found at the Ex-Gay Watch pages.