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Royal Tramp

One of Stephen Chow's best mo lei tau comedies.

Chow is pretending to be a eunuch in the Imperial City and runs into dark conspiracies at every turn. This movie starts out slow, but when it gets going it is HILARIOUS.

Lots and lots of PENIS jokes, Chow's single kung fu skill is the nipple twister and there's a running gag involving testicle groping.

I do not understand a single word of Chinese, but watching and listening to Chow's non-stop stream of patter, and with the aid of the subtitles, you can TELL how funny and sly he is.

Some of the best visual and slapstick humor is provided by long-time co-star Man Tat Ng. Special mention to Chingmy Yau (you might recognize her from a bunch of Jet Li movies and some other Chow flicks),who plays the Princess who lusts after Chow. She has a funny face and she delivers her patter with the same comedic intensity as Chow. She is the cutest thing EVAR and makes me smile.

It is a crap print with original, burned-in subtitles that can't be read about 30% of the time.