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Run Lola Run

Before Groundhog Day made waking up the same day over-and-over again funny, this movie made it cool.

Run Lola Run is about this Dutch chick (the same one from The Bourne Identity, who looks like Leelu from The Fifth Element in this movie) who keeps fucking up a bank robbery with her really stupid boyfriend, and has to do a redo everytime they screw up.

The cool part is how she does the redo: She zones out remembers a hot night with her boyfriend, then pops back in at square one.

Ok, I've made this movie sound really lame, but it's actually a fun movie to get stoned by. - Capt. Zeston Norelco

The cool thing with this movie – it's basically a video game. The first act/life/whatever, I didn't like it, since I didn't get it (and, man, her boyfriend IS stupid), but then I GOT it and it was hell of awesome. Also, the soundtrack is wicked cool. - Rev. Syung Myung Me