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S.S.U.C.C. (Seattle SubGenius Union of Clenches & Crackpots) is a "meta-clench", or a confederation of SubGenius individuals, groups, and projects, encompassing the greater Puget Sound area. It was founded in 1998 by Popess Lilith von Fraumench, Mr. Otis F. Odder of The Bran Flakes, and Rev. Bruce Boblight with the immediate goal of organising The Final SubGenius Devival, which, paradoxically enough, inspired a flurry of other "final" devivals, exactly as planned. S.S.U.C.C. is also responsible for The Final SubGenius RE-Devival and the infamous Apocalepsy Now Devival. In addition S.S.U.C.C. has hosted the Dobbs' Long March campouts which have brought much needed slack to the Pacific Northwest (e.g. The Cascadian Empire, "Lemuria," etc.) and have, in the past, hosted Meatings at Coffee Messiah as well as Cult Movie Nights at Popess Lilith's Grayhaven Slack Recovery Center and Free-Range Spider Ranch.

For up-to-date news, chat, photos, and assorted blasphemies, visit the S.S.U.C.C. Yahoo! Group.