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I believe there is intelligent life out there, somewhere else in the Universe. I believe that it exists…but I cannot prove that intelligent life is out there. Why? Because no incontrovertible, scientifically tested evidence has been discovered that clearly demonstrates that intelligent life exists elsewhere…or that intelligent life from other worlds has ever visited this planet. Because we cannot prove that intelligent life exists elsewhere, we can either waste my hopes, efforts, and resources in support of ridiculous pseudo-"New Age" cranks who preach endlessly about alien abductions and "UFO government cover-ups"…or, we can support a genuine scientific search for intelligent life, such as we have with the famous SETI Project. Ever since NASA funding for SETI was killed by Congress in 1993, the project has depended on independent donations from sponsors, who use the non-profit organization Project Phoenix to gather funding for the project. Stop by their Web site, buy a T-shirt, and study the famous Drake's Equation: a scientific theory that is working to determine the actual probability that a definite answer will be found to the question that haunts us all: Are we alone in the Universe?