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Sabrina Online

Another online comic worth reading comes from Eric Schwartz, one of the legends of animation fandom. Eric is a computer artist who built a reputation over the course of several years by making his superb Amiga animation files available to everyone, thereby becoming one of the most well-known names in furry fandom and animation. He's trying to break into the professional business, and I wish him the best of luck. One of his ongoing projects is Sabrina, an online comic strip he publishes to hone his artistic talents and storytelling abilities, as well as featuring his most famous creation, Amy the Squirrel. He only produces one or two strips per month, so don't worry about falling behind…but his work is still worth seeing for the quality of the artwork. Check out the official Eric Schwartz Productions Web site for samples of his work. (Sabrina's early days can be seen in Eric's Sabrina at See-CAD series, which Eric sells on his Web site. Another artist and Sabrina fan known as Max the Black Rabbit has drawn his own online Sabrina strip, called Sabrina at Algonquin.)