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Satan's Rapture

Carrying on with the theme of dangerous dogmatic ideologies (say that 5x fast!), this Web site is a prime example of how warped some one’s mind can become. Who knows if this holy garbage is supposed to be taken literally…if it is, then that’s a big problem!

Welcome to Pastor Harry Walther (A.K.A. Richard Landes)'s apocalyptic Internet fun-house…of sorts. It is littered with neo-pseudo-gospel, trying desperately to link the ‘Swine-Flu’ to the bible, the Apocalypse, and the Obama Administration.

Can you say: “EPIC Fail?”…(yes we can)

He does not have his own page(yet), but he does have a user account(which he probably uses to delete information about himself). It can be found HERE.

He appears to be a regular over at and his profile page can be found here: [1] You can listen to his Halfass Backward rants about Obama and the swine flu…Yada yada yada…Blah blah blah. All you’ll find there is a bunch of scare tactics…

As a matter of fact I was just listening to his podcast and heard the so-called Pastor say this:

“When people are very scared, they’re like sheep. You can herd them, you can get them to do whatever you want. People accept anything when they’re scared…” -Pastor Harry Walther (at the time it was said he was talking about Obama’s ’scare tactics’)

Although he is talking about Obama, I’d like him to sit back, take a deep breath, and take a look at his own halfass scare tactics. He is doing exactly what he is trying to warn others against. That’s a hypocrite if I’ve ever seen one!!!

His ideas/views are entirely far fetched and nowhere near being plausible. Although, I can slightly agree with him on one thing…that something fishy is going on within the Obama Administration…

If it weren’t for his constant reference to the Bible Code then I would dismiss him as a regular nut! But, since his uses the Bible it makes my job easier to point out the dangers of such dogmatic ideologies.

If you’re the religious type and would like a deeper analysis of the garbage that comes from Pastor Harry Walther, then read here:


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