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The Merchant/Ivory picture that was written by Michael O'Donoghue (a/k/a Mr. Mike of National Lampoon and Saturday Night Live (back when it was good) fame). The film is basically a parody of, well, Merchant/Ivory type period pictures. It starts as a fake-anthropological documentary (with German narration!) about a group of "Mud People", who find a croquet ball and end up taking over an empty Victorian Mansion Type House, and quickly adopt their mannerisms.

It's actually a pretty amusing script, but unfortunately, the direction doesn't really suit it; Merchant/Ivory don't seem to really get that it's a parody of that sort of thing and direct it straight, and as such, the film ends up being kinda boring, sadly, although the "Putting On The Dog" number is quite possibly worth the price of admission (or at least a rental).