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Save The Males

Men, beware! The idea of "feminism" and "women's rights" is actually part of an insidious global conspiracy by the Illuminati and the New World Order to take away a man's basic right to boss women around! Henry Makow (Ph.D.) is engaged in a long-lasting (or at least long-winded) crusade to bash women and gays, lumping them all together into a massive worldwide conspiracy. Nothing I write here could do this site justice. This is one of those sites that speaks for itself:

I am referring to the Masonic Rothschild-Rockefeller cult-cartel which runs Europe and America and is behind Communism and Feminism. Destroying marriage and family was a plank of the Communist Manifesto (1848) and now is part of their satanic NWO (New World Order).

According to this guy, Feminism and Communism are the two arms of the great conspiracy against us all. (It sounds as though this guy is still fighting the Cold War before JFK.) Come and read his essays on such various topics as:

He has an especial grudge against the University of Winnipeg (Canada), as he is evidently appalled at the fact that this campus has more women students then men. I wonder if he tried to date some of them and was rejected…then wrote this Web site in retaliation.