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Second Life

Say good bye to your "Real" Life Geeks:
This is an online community in desperate need of nutters like you. Objects can be created collaboratively in world. Scripts and textures can be attached to those objects then the objects are sold for Linden Dollars $L. $L has a real world exchange rate (approximately USD$4.10 = L$1000) and rich crazies are paying real money for this stuff!

A one off fee means you can play forever for $10 or you can rent parcels of land if you want to own some virtual real estate to build on.
Mac and PC Compatible.
Seek the Subgenius group in-world!

Cardboard Box, an oldbie of two years in SL, offers the following advice:

0. The viewer interface is crap. But if you're geeky enough you'll bash right through it. Takes about an hour.

1. Bring money. When you first rez and login you get absolutely no Lindens whatsoever. Also, some areas block access to users without verified payment status, so the sooner you do that the better. Finally, you'll want a place to call home eventually, so you'll need to pay for that. So have a Paypal or credit card account on hand to buy Lindens as you need 'em.

2. When kicking off, the welcome area at Plum is a nice place to set as Home, and it has a huge sandbox for playing around learning the tools. The downside is possible griefer attacks.

3. Hammer the freebies. Good places to start with are the NCI campuses, Yadni's Junk Yard, and the Yard in Honeoye. And at least with free stuff you can just throw it away if it looks like crap. Which most of it will. Trust me. Did I remember to tell you to bring money?

4. Sooner or later you'll want a place of your own. Screw the 512sqm sections - get at least 1024sqm for a decent house and furnishings.

5. You need to buy a USD$10 Premium membership to rent land on the "mainland"… but don't if you rent from a third party landlord such as Azure Islands, Caledon, or whatever. Just check out the rules before buying, and your neighbours. Of course, you could always be a hobo.

6. - well worth reading. These days SL is a minefield on a par with Bobbies vs SubGenii, and this little guide should help.

7. In-viewer search is often next to useless. Accrete a collection of blogs and sites like XstreetSL for real hardcore stuff-and-fun-finding. On the other hand, semi-random exploration is fun.