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September Dawn

September 11, 1857. The settlers from Missouri were leaving the Utah Territories when they were attacked, possibly by Indians.

A column of Mormon militia rode up, ostensibly to the rescue.

"Thank God… it's the Mormons." At which point the Mormons promptly slaughtered all 120 unarmed men, women and children. Only 16 children under 6 were spared and promptly distributed to Mormon families.

This is a film based on the absolutely true story of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, in which a group of Mormon militia from Cedar City Utah, some of them disguised as Paiutes, killed a wagon train of settlers headed for California. The settlers had had the audacity to ask to be able to cross Mormon land and rest before the last big leg of the journey West.

And the added affront of not being Mormon.

The best stuff about the fim was the rants by Jon Voigt and Terrence Stamp (playing Brigham Young). Some of them ABSOLUTELY TRUE rants so it's better than screenwriters could come up with.

Tarted up with a stupid star-crossed lovers story.

Still, one wonders why people are so skeered of Scientology when there are Mormons out there.