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Signs of Witness

Rev. John Shirley, author of such science fiction classics as The Black Hole of Carcosa and the movie novelizations of Doom and Constantine, maintains this daily blog with news stories centered around one common theme: We really are living in the End Times. Hints and clues pointing to the End of the World are all around us and happening every day! Between the idiotic religious ranting about the End Times and the genuine scientific evidence of our planet's lifespan being shortened by Humanity's uncaring determination to poison our world, one can get the impression that The End may very well happen to us any day now. Who knows – it might come this very July 5th!

(Rev. Shirley wants you to know: "I'm the winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Black Butterflies, which was chosen as one of the best books of 1998 by Publisher's Weekly; I won the International Horror Guild Award twice; I was short listed for the Locus Reader Award for my novel City Come A-Walkin'. I was the original screenwriter and credited co-screenwriter of The Crow. I wrote the well known science fiction novels Eclipse and A Splendid Chaos and the horror novel Demons which is in pre production by the Weinstein Group (formerly Miramax) as a movie. I was a television writer for Fox and Paramount (eg, Deep Space Nine). I was in Three-Fisted Tales of Bob and Revelation X - The Bob Apocryphon. I've published 25 novels under my name, besides a few tie ins and novelizations. I'm 54 fucking years old. My new book is Living Shadows.")

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