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Rebecca Watson is a passionate participant in the skeptical movement, and her writings have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and TV productions across the country. She felt that not enough women were involved in the skeptical movement, so she did something about it: she put out a nude calendar! ("Tastefully" nude, that is.) That got her enough publicity to give a regular readership (with contributions) to her Webzine, Skepchick. Published monthly and arranged in a fashion to make it look "feminine" (it reminds me of the feminine erotica site Clean Sheets), this zine publishes philoshical essays on skepticism…often with a feminine perspective. Some articles included here are "Proud to be Childfree," "Spirituality without Superstition," and "Where are all the Skepchicks?"

(She sold out of the nude calendars, but she's preparing a new one for next year.)