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The success of Wikipedia has encouraged many people to start their own wiki projects – many of which have turned into attempts to build online "encyclopedias" (or encyclopediae?) that promote a certain point of view. The skeptical movement is no exception…though fortunately the skeptics have been working to expose the truth about pseudoscience since before the popularity of wikis.

Running on MediaWiki software (the same software that runs Wikipedia) but hosted on its own server, SkepticWiki is a new effort to encourage people to take part in the skeptical movement – and point people in the right direction towards the dark undersides of many popular enclaves of pseudoscience. While the ultimate aim of this site is to surpass the Skeptic's Dictionary as an online source for skeptical information, it's not really in competition with SkepDic. After all, they both work towards the same goals – and they're both accepting contributions from the same groups of people. Fortunately, SkepticWiki has the advantage of being able to accept contributions from anyone who wants to contribute – even YOU!

What's more, they also provide a free blogging service for anyone who wants to sign up and host their own blog there. They do ask, however, that the blog be related to skepticism – blogs dedicated to belly button lint and pr0n will be frowned upon.

(I should re-iterate here that Cast Iron Chaos is not an attempt to build an "encyclopedia." We're also a source of skeptical information and links, but we're more interested in exposing the propaganda and lies used against you by everyone rather than trying to offer "definitions" of terms like "Creationism." That's why SkepticWiki offers a definition of creationism, while we offer a look at the groups who promote creationism – or oppose it.)