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Skeptics Dictionary

The Skeptic's Dictionary has been under construction since 1994. The manager of this site has spent over ten years building a site that's often referred to as one of the first reference points to go to for people who want to learn the truth about a great many controversial topics. It's a more-or-less permanent, "fixed" dictionary, which makes it authorititave. A printed edition of the Skeptic's Dictionary was published in 2003.

(However, like many "static" Web sites, it is updated very slowly and it is not able to keep up with rapidly-evolving movements and newly emerging trends – such as Intelligent Design and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, for instance. These guys should get together with SkepticWiki and come up with a way to merge their two sites together. Perhaps the Skeptic's Dictionary could archive permanent copies of the "best" entries produced at SkepticWiki?)