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Slutty Brownies

a.k.a. "The World's Greatest Brownies"

Slutty Brownies Slutty Brownie Slice

YouTube: Slutty Brownies

The original recipe for these brownies comes from a British food and lifestyle blog, The Londoner: [1] And when I saw this brownie, it was love at first sight. These are called "slutty brownies" because they're easy, they're naughty, they're ohhhh so good, and they make you feel guilty when you have them…but you keep coming back. The original recipe says to use brownie mix, chocolate chip cookie dough (or mix), and Oreo cookies. I took this a step further and used chocolate chip cookie mix and brownie mix made from scratch. I could have really "gone all the way" and made homemade imitation Oreo cookies (there's a recipe for this online: [2]), but while homemade Oreo cookies are good, these are one of the few foods that can't be improved when you make them at home. So I used store-bought Oreos – actual brand name Oreos, not imitation Oreos, because (slutty or not) these brownies deserve to be treated right.

The recipe itself calls these the World's Greatest Brownies. Because I'll be serving these to the kids downstairs, I am not calling these "slutty brownies" in front of the kids. As far as the kids are concerned, these are "The World's Greatest Brownies."

Prepare the mixes for each layer of these brownies. A deep casserole, dutch oven, or other deep pot is needed to prepare the brownies; this is too deep to prepare in a skillet or shallow baking pan.

Slutty Brownies Bottom Layer

Slutty Brownies Middle Layer

Slutty Brownies Top Layer

Once the layers are prepared, bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F for 35 minutes. Note that the cookie and brownie recipes call for a 40 minute baking time – but baking for only 35 minutes will give you brownies a bit more gooey. :)

A YouTube video on the making of these brownies: YouTube: Slutty Brownies

Slutty Brownies Served