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Solitu has been an Aaronian Protectorate ever since it's discovery after the Nietzschen colonization. The Nietzsche knew of the land long before the rest of the COMON.

The population of Solitu is almost nonexistent. Some major event triggered the decimation of nearly 99.99% of its population. It exists as a wasteland and its few inhabitants never come close enough to view clearly.

An Aaronian scout described a Solitudian:

"About one meter high, floating off the ground. No eyes, limbs, hair, or features that resemble anything animal. Crescent-moon shaped, with orange and black stripes. They twist and contort when they think they are alone but once aware that someonre or something is near they straiten up instantly, and with some bubbly noise that sounds like balloons rubbing together, they zip off. "

For years Aaronians have tried to establish contact with the natives of Solitu but to no avail.