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Something Weird Video

Somewhere in your area, there must be a video store that sells or rents even a few titles from Something Weird Video. If there isn't, then you must MOVE. NOW. It's that simple. Something Weird Video lives up to its title by unearthing and making available the strangest, most bizarre, most unbelievable schlock, sexploitation, mondo trasho low-budget movies ever filmed in the entire history of motion pictures! They are gleefully plundering the Golden Age of Sexploitation from the 1950s through the 1970s, when schlockmeisters loved their art and revelled in it. You can relish the delights of a video catalog unlike any other video catalog you will ever see, and you will discover images hitherto unconceived of!

If you're a Something Weird virgin, one of the best ways to expose yourself to its lurid fare is to get their Extra Weird Sampler DVD – which costs only five dollars! (You can probably find it even cheaper in used-DVD bargain bins.) This is a DVD collection of about 100 to 110 of Something Weird's movie trailers. I don't know if I want to actually by the movies on those trailers, but the trailers themselves are PRIME 100% BULLDADA CHEESE. Easily the best $5 DVD I've purchased in a LONG time! If you want some truly funny softcore to "fap" to, check out their trailers for FUEGO and Country Cuzzins. That second film looks like the type of story that's been posted to about a thousand times by now.