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Ever since the days of Laurence Canter, Martha Siegel, and Sanford "Spamford" Wallace, a few idiotic spammers have tried to set up a legitimate front and promote their "business" online. These sites never seem to last long, because they keep getting kicked off of every Internet service provider they attach themselves to. This site, SpamForum, tries to stay legitimate (and legal) by passing itself off as a discussion forum for spammers. No where do they actually sell any spamming services; they just gather here to "talk" about it.

One of several amusing statements on this site is the one on the home page that says, "The content, theme, and information found in this forum are for informational and entertainment purposes only." This is the same disclaimer that "psychic" readers and hotlines use to avoid being prosecuted for fraud! But even better than this is the pages-long "terms and conditions" you have to go through before they finally let you into the site itself. I love the way they display their hatred of the anti-spammers here: "If you are affiliated with any government, or ANTI-Unsolicitated Commercial Email group, ANTI-Spam group, Spamhaus, Spews, Spamcop, or any other related group or were formally a worker of one you cannot enter this web site."

The discussion forum itself is actually rather bland and tame. That's because the spammers know very well that every word they write on there is being watched closely by anti-spammers and law enforcement authorities. Can't say the wrong thing, or it might trip you up!

(After visiting this site, be sure to run a spyware scan on your computer!)