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Spoop is my own recipe for a soup that uses SPAM as the main meat and flavoring. I came up with it when I was short on money at the beginning of this past week and realized i’d be on ramen and Spam for a while.

Step 1: Playing with knives.

in the words of Dave Coulier, CUT IT OUT!

Cut a block of Spam in half. Dice one half for now. Stick the other half in a Ziploc bag or something and put it in the fridge, we only need half a can of Spam for this recipe. it doesn’t have to be fancily cut; just cut the Spam into little bits about as big as you want a bit of meat to be in soup.

Step 2: Fire, heh heh heh heh, FIRE! FIRE!

It's burnin', it's burnin' for you! or me, in this case…

Fry Spam. It’s not rocket surgery. Put pan on heat, add Spam, stir a bit to make sure all or at least several sides of the Spam get browned.

Step 3: Use your (cheap) noodle!

It's about as close to real beef as Spam is to real meat, so its appropriate…

add one brick of ramen and two cups of water. yes, I’m just making ramen with Spam at the bottom of the pan at this point, but then…add half a bag of frozen vegetables. I get frozen mixed veggies for a dollar a bag at the grocery store. you may need to add a little more water to make sure the noodles can boil correctly. Now’s also a good time to add hot sauce.

Step 4: Say CHEESE!

Once things look pretty much done, add a bit of shredded cheese. However much looks appropriate for you. Then stir! The finished product looks like…


LIKE THAT! it’s actually pretty tasty.

– recipe by Doc Holocaust