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All girls from 15 to 17 become manic, a state known as "Near Death Happiness" and die. They rise from the dead covered in "Butterfly Twinkle Powder" and devour the flesh of the living. They can only be killed by cutting them into 165 pieces, a process known as Repeat Kill. The government sanctioned anti-zombie forces are called "Romero Repeat Kill Squads", while freelancers like the the "Drew Barrymore Illegal Repeat Kill Squad" handle the overflow. The most popular item sold on TV is a pastel-colored designer chainsaw called "Bruce Campbell's Right Hand".

Now I've told you all the gags, so you don't have to actually watch this thing.

Despite all the POTENTIAL of hot teen Japanese schoolgirl zombies lurching around, this is least SEXY zombie movie I think I've ever seen. OK, one brief upskirts. And they can reference the "classics" all they want… that alone doesn't make a zombie movie.

There are some good shootings and a couple of "barrelful of dead schoolgirls" scenes, but mostly it is talky and boring.

Another example of an OK concept not taken FAR ENOUGH. This needed to be 165 times more crazy.