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Steve Jackson Games

How can you DARE to pass up a chance to gaze upon the makers of the GREATEST GAMES OF ALL TIMES?!? Reverend Steve Jackson has been in the gaming business since the early 1980s, and he is a legend in the field. Not ONLY is he the author of the classic games Ogre, Car Wars, GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System), The Fantasy Trip, Chez Geek ("Born To Slack!"), The Awful Green Things From Outer Space, and many MANY others…BUT, he is also the man responsible for the ultimate conspiracy game, ILLUMINATI! Or rather, let me state it this way:


Not to be confused with the Illuminati, Illuminati became such a legend in the field of politics and conspiracy theories that it spawned the trading-card game Illuminati New World Order (INWO). And if THAT'S not enough, we must not forget that Reverend Steve Jackson even expanded the INWO game into the official SubGenius INWO supplement, INWO SubGenius!


That's STILL not all! Reverend Jackson ALSO publishes The Illuminator, his regular column that serves two important tasks. First of all, it's the regular news update column for Steve Jackson games. And it ALSO gives us the Illuminated Site of the Week, which is Reverend Jackson's very own KOOK FINDING AWARD! Like many SubGenii, Jackson shows a love of kooks that led him to create his wonderful game, and he highlights many terrific underground Web sites in his column that might never otherwise see the light of day.

Anyone wishing to know about Steve Jackson Games must be made aware that this modest gaming company is also responsible for the foundation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the famous and powerful defenders of Internet freedom. In 1990, the Secret Service raided the offices of Steve Jackson Games and targeted their book GURPS Cyberpunk, due to ther mistaken belief that this role-playing game book was actually a "handbook for computer crime!" Because a well-known hacker (Lloyd Blankenship, a.k.a. The Mentor) had contributed to the book's authorship, Steve Jackson Games found itself at the center of a wasteful, costly lawsuit against the United States Government. Fortunately, SJG WON!!! They got a substantial damages award from the government, and they received tons and tons of priceless free publicity. FURTHERMORE, the fallout from the lawsuit resulted in the creation of the EFF! This is yet another example of how conspiracy theories (or games that mock conspiracy theories) have a substantial effect in the shaping of history.

For more information, see SJG's page Steve Jackson Games vs. the Secret Service.