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Yes, folks, it's the Nazis! Only thing is, they don't want to be called that; they prefer to hide behind names like "white nationalists" and "National Alliance" and "Christian Identity," so as to hide the fact that they believe people with white skin are somehow superior to the rest of the world. Evidently these people think that belonging to a white supremacist group gives them the right to bully, harass, and assault other people in the name of "White Christian America." Somehow I doubt that these people represent the epitome of Christianity. If Jesus ever gets the guts to come back and give us that Rapture he's promised, these folks will be among the first to get what they deserve…but until that day comes, we can still use the legal system to keep these bastards in line. Most of the time, anyways.

Even after years of observing white supremacist wackos in action, I am continually amazed by the incredible narrow-mindedness these losers display with every public statement, and especially their unending, fanatic obsession with Jews. Jews this, Jews that, Jews all over the place. Jews in the morning, Jews in the evening, Jews at suppertime! They must look over their shoulders and see imaginary Jews leaping out of every shadow and corner to attack them. It must be a mental handicap or something.

More on Stormfront: Check out the special section of this Web site, especially for kids. Yes, you too can follow the example of Stormfront for Kids!) Are you tired of your innocent white kids being beaten up in school by those awful coonskins? Then you can do what this kid did here, and start your own chapter of KKK for Kids! The kid's only 13 years old, and he already has that glazed-eye stare that we usually see in hardened criminals. Wouldn't you be proud to appear in a photo op with the founder of Aryan Nations? I can only imagine what it's going to be like when he starts to notice girls and tries to impress them with his White Power rhetoric. (Maybe that's why inbreeding is seen as a redneck stereotype!)