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Super Milk-Chan

Widely hated, but I fucking love this show. There's a few versions of this show:

The show is a surreal and nonsensical story about a small-girl superhero who is given missions by the idiotic President Of Everything, and she, along with her robot Tetsuko, her Robodog, and her slug Hanage attempt to complete the missions (and almost always fail while thinking they've succeeded/not caring anymore), at which point, they say "Let's go get sushi or something," and the episode ends.

The pacing is much, much more dreamlike that most things like this (like FLCL or Excel Saga), and there's a lot of lingering and repeated shots. This is possibly the least popular thing Adult Swim has ever aired. Even more so than Tom Goes to the Mayor, which is another show I love.) More anime should be like this. That would be the shit. (Like FLCL this one seems influenced by stuff like Funeral Parade of Roses too, although in a much different sense; both contain a lot of seemingly random lingering shots; one particularly Funeral Parade of Roses-y thing in Super Milk-Chan is the episode about the Pig Legs where they keep cutting to extreme closeups on characters' moles-with-hairs.

Man, I love this show.