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I've been a fan of Superman all my life. I grew up watching the various Superman cartoons; I collected the comic books; I watched Underdog because he was an imitation of Superman; and I liked it when DC Comics "updated" Superman for the modern era…at first. John Byrne's vision of Superman was good, but it was killed by his own ego and DC's marketing department. I knew that the Superman I loved was truly gone when DC "killed" Superman and brought him back to life. It's just not the same now…but I remain nostalgic for the Superman that once was. (If you can find them, read the three Superman stories written by Alan Moore for a glimpse of what Superman was, and what he could have been.) I'm not alone in my love for Superman. The contributors to this Web site share a love for the Man of Steel that is truly infectious. The site is also crammed with interesting news about current projects involving Superman (such as another movie project in the works).