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Team Lou-Leverbah was founded officially Feb. 10th 2007 to
"Aid in the advancement of astronomical science"

Under the direction of: Aaron "Asquire" Butler
Sub-Director: Chris "Rev. Dr. Lon" Rusher

The team runs analysis of SETI@home data in order to scan the regions of space surrounding the earth. It has a threefold set of goals:
1) To advance astronomical sciences through the discovery and interpretation of radio waves.
2) To identify celestial objects as-yet undiscovered.
3) To assist the University of California Berkeley in the discovery of non-human intelligence.

The team has existed in ad-hoc since the mid-1990's, but following the development of Seti@home software tools in 1997 members started organizing efforts in various sub-Teams. The decision to organize a central committee for processing all team materials was made in early Feb. 2007.