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Talk about Convergence Conspiracy Collective

Well, I can tell you first-hand that the difference between C3 weenies and real-live Newagers is this:

Newagers take their "taking themselves seriously" very seriously and altogether miss out on enlightenment. C3 weenies take their enlightenment to be a means for others to "take them seriously" so that they can spread the "word" to patchouli-stinkin' neo-hippie chicks and thus spread more than the word. Which is enlightening unto itself but carries a calculated risk of louse infestation. I, for one, don't mind the risk.

Like the Swingin' Love Corpses (no, I haven't quit one for the other) C3 talks about world conquest but inevitably falls back into slack-induced slothfulness. The process steps:
Step A: 'frop up and listen to recordings of self, stoking own ego.
Step B: Get serious. Deadly serious. Talk about fans and money.
Step C: Somebody suggests forming a corporation, then a record label.
Step D: More delusional members actually draw up incorporation articles and hold a meeting.
Step E: 'frop up and argue about the by-laws during the meeting. Ask each other why the hell those Russkies like this shit so much.
Step F: Argue some more.
Step G: Get self-righteous with each other. Fire someone from the band.
Step H: Play a gig or talk about playing a gig, or watch old gig video. Send Stang a CD to be used as "bed music" behind a rant about Dick Cheney's butt hairs.
Step I: Listen to HoS, try to make out one's solo behind the "Cheney's got an ingrown follicle" discussion and 'frop up again.
Step J: Get all misty-eyed about the good ol' days and rehire that sonovabitch you just fired.
Step K: Go back to Step A and repeat as necessary

IMHO (yah humble my ass!) both SLC and C3 have a critical program flaw in the "serious" gene that will always create that dynamic tension. Still, C3 are some antimusic jammin' motherfuckers the neo-hips always interpret as "the light of the divine."

Fine with me. Please pass the crab lotion!

cecilnixxon 2006-04-26 17:26

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You forgot the part about the cows.

goon.wan 2006-04-27 03:11

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