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Talk about Damotclese

Thanks for your help and your additions to the site. I've been trying ways to get more traffic here, but haven't had much luck so far. Maybe we just haven't gotten the right folks ticked off at us, yet.

– Modemac 2005-05-11 16:38 UTC

Oh! Why didn't you MENTION that you wanted people ticked off? No problem! }:-}

Damotclese 2005-05-11 19:38 UTC

Getting people ticked off is a religious sacrament in this church! I just don't want to get sued, that's all.

– Modemac 2005-05-11 20:37 UTC

Having Drew Barrymore is a religious sacrament of MY church but, alas, I and my congregation must stand in line.

Damotclese 2005-05-13 18:57 UTC

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