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Talk about Have You Lived Before This Life

First, I must say that to express a full fledged criticism, as you have, about a subject so intangible as "past lives", especially, in regards to a book written by someone who has gathered information about a subject that many do not even consider real, is absolutely irrational.
But, it's the Critic Syndrome. A movie critic CANNOT direct, act, or anything like it; however, he believes he can criticise a movie. It's the same with an art critic, he can paint, or sculpt worth a damn, but he "thinks" he has the Godgiven right and duty to criticise those who actually HAVE a talent.
Your perception, from MY point of view, seems to stem from a deep belief of You yourself holding ALL the truths of life. It's like the idiotic morons who, after watching Matrix, come out saying: "That flick is full of B.S., it's too fantasious!"
Well, of course, you MORON. That's what it's supposed to BE! If you wanted real life, you should have gone to see a movie that was based, or came from a true story.
Please, what you do in your site is very good, donĀ“t spoil it all by letting it go to your head.

TeachermanCorp 2007-10-06 16:33


hellboundalleee 2007-10-06 21:03

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