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Talk about IRC

TV cannot reach a computer at the moment, the date is 2005, may 28, modemac, send my love to the fefnet crew, tell capn thanks!

– Anonymous 2005-05-28 18:58 UTC

and tell capn to email me.

– Anonymous 2005-05-30 01:12 UTC

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Did Bob invest in the Stock Market? IS Bob floating around wall street somewhere today?

– raykoMond 2008-10-06 23:05

I awoke this morning to find my skull had imploded, everything is alright now though, I utilized my vestigial emergency SubBrain until the implosion reversed itself.
Stop the lies! Bob Barr is Bob Dean who is Bob the Builder who is Bobbie Vinton who is Bad Bob who is J.R. "BOB" Dobbs

– Sweetness McGee 2008-10-09 04:37

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